A little Rant About Blinds

Blinds4You get many different kinds of window blinds that use a variety of control systems. Window blinds are generally made up of several long horizontal or vertical slats of various types of hard material, such as wood, plastic or metal which are held together by cords that run through the blind slats. Window blinds are adjusted by rotating them from an open position to a closed position either manually or by remote control which allows the slats to overlap and block out most light.


Roller blinds are a good choice for any window treatment. Sun shades filter harsh sunlight out while still maintaining the view. For adding an element of privacy to any room, roller shades are also a great option. You just pull them down and relax while still being able to enjoy the light from your windows. A roller blind is a wonderful addition to any home as the designs range from fancy and decorative, to sleek and elegant. Keep these tips in mind while shopping for your new modern window treatments.


Roller blinds allow you to adjust the length of the window you want to cover, thanks to a spring mechanism that hangs across the top of the window. The clean lines of the roller blind sets it in a league of its own and will contribute to the overall aesthetics of the room.


The fantastic thing about roller shades is that they come in a variety of fabric choices. If you are looking for blackout roller blinds, there is fabric that allows zero percent of the light to filter through. Any fabric allowing 3-20% of the light through will work for privacy purposes or to block out UV rays, and although you might be able to see out of the window when your roller blinds are down, someone standing outside will find it more difficult to look in.


The amount of vertical space you will need depends on whether you choose an inside or outside mount for the roller blinds. The window should be measured with great care, in other words, taking the measurement from the inside of the window frame from top to bottom and from left to right; as well as the depth for an inside mount blind. Though for an outside mount blind, the measurements should be from where the shade is being planned to hang (horizontal), as well as to where it would be dropped (vertical). The general rule of thumb for an overlap is about 1½ inches.


Inside mount and outside mount are the two different ways to hang your vertical blinds. Which one you choose willBlinds3 depend on your aesthetic preference. The inside mount style sits inside the recess of the window so the shades are flush with the wall, while the outside mounting covers the entire window area because it hangs outside of the window recess. If you are considering inside mount roller blinds, make sure that your window is recessed at least 3 inches so there is room for the mechanis

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