Steampunk accessories, the coolest fashion trend of the moment

Steampunk style is a subcategory of science fiction genre. Inspired by the technological progress produced in the Industrial Revolution, it unites the new and the old and creates a unique and interesting movement that spreads in all arias: literature, music, fashion and architecture.

Regarding fashion, steampunk style might be considered a great mix between the Victorian era, the style of Wild West and the surreal elements of the fantastic genre. The elegant hats, the corsets, oversized belts and vintage accessories are the main elements of this unique trend style. The elegant and textured coats, elegant shoes or dramatic skirts with unequal cuts are also a part of this trend.

Regarding accessories, there are an original mixture among technology, mechanics and design, transformed in a statement piece of art, that add value to any outfit. Especially made after the design of some mechanical parts, nuts and bolts, the earrings, bracelets, pendants and steampunk brooches will take you out of the crowd.


The pointers of the watches and other component parts of the greatest inventions from the Industrial Revolution period are always present in the accessories design, and the main colors are grey, black and brown. The metallic tones, hard and cold, represent some of the emblems that will help you identifying the steampunk elements. If our tips aren’t helpful enough think about this style in another manner: it is very much alike with the accessories of a Halloween suit, but with a lack of bad taste and plasticity.

Moreover, steampunk accessories might be adopted not only in your fashion outfits, but also in your home interior decorations. To make yourself an idea about this style, think about Sherlock Holmes movies: mixtures of ghotic-victorian homes, full of copper pipes, lamps and other elements from the 19th century. Copper, bronze, metal, leather and dark wood are usually used to create interior design in the style of steampunk. The leather seats and sofa fit with Victorian furniture pieces, while the library or a metal cabinet add an aesthetic industrial air to the steampunk style. The most used materials are the rusty metal, reused wood, cars details, pipes and clockworks. The interior of the houses might be accessorized with old maps. There might be used as mural pictures with an old and retro air. The industrial gadgets and lamps may enhance the steampunk style of your house. The elements of this style are considered to be cars and locomotive pieces, chains and wheels.
If in the bedroom is relatively difficult to implement, especially as this style is contrary to current trends, in bathrooms it is relatively simple. Water installations can be revealed (at least decorative, in order to eliminate any danger of burns) and sinks and sink media can be changed with some copper or any other metal.

Even if this style will forever remain in the underground of the interior design, we must recognize that Steampunk style has its. Maybe not as spectacular as other trends and styles, but definitely mustn’t be completely ignored. Steampunk fashion and accessories can be purchased here.

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