Let There Be Light!

Most people always underestimate what lighting can do for their homes and the different rooms. You might not have much of a theme going on but by playing around with lighting, you could create a more diverse and deeper look. Any light will not do you any good. You have to know the tips and tricks that make the lighting work for you and what you have. To help you with this and ensure that you get the light shining for you, here are some great tips that you could use that will definitely get you a more dramatic, natural and alluring look.

Exploit natural lighting

There is no better lighting than natural lighting. However, even this has to be directed to the right rooms or you risk losing the touch that you would like to achieve. The goal here is to open up the rooms that are usually used during the day to natural light. It can have an inviting and adequate lighting. However, you should consider the passive source of light. However, before you go ahead and start ripping the walls up, be sure to check and see if the local building codes allow you to do this or whether you can add fenestration or other kinds of openings.  You wouldn’t want the extra light to come at such a huge expense.


Expose the right rooms

West, south and east facing windows in the northern hemisphere are the best for increasing natural light. They offer a unique hue at different times of the day. The north-facing windows might also be a great addition but typically, they might need plenty help from artificial sources. To let more natural light in, you should think of adding more windows to the southern face of the home. Remember that the positions require you to consider which face of your home receives light for the longest periods so that you can maximize on this.


Reflect natural light

Now here is a lighting tip that you might never have thought off other than getting larger panes of glass and moving the openings around the house. It is quite simple and straightforward you might smack yourself in the head for not having thought about it before.

Strategically placing windows around the house and use bright and natural colors will help you to get the best effect. The best thing about reflected natural light is that it has a nice and warm feel to it and one that you’re definitely going to love. Even better you should find it to have a nice shade that is not too bright. This trick will also save you from the trouble of having to rip out your walls. All you have to do is place mirrors across any available windows and they should do the trick for you.

This trick also works in areas that are hard to illuminate like the basement. The mirror bounces more light around allowing for more light into the room. Pretty clever right?


While using artificial light can be a great way of changing up the look of your living room, going natural usually has a better effect and offers more benefits to both you and your décor. Needless to mention, this is also a tact that offers a welcoming and warm feeling to your home.


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