The Ultimate Guide to a Steam Punk Fashion

In recent times, there is a genre that has popped up that is creating quite a stir. Steam Punk! The costuming, fantasy fiction and the entire aura of the 19th century inspired a way of dressing is quickly gaining traction. However, because of the lack of proper attire or funds to dress appropriately in steampunk communities, you might find yourself short-handed on your costumes. But, this little guide seeks to offer you some better alternatives that will get you the costume you have in mind without having to break the bank. After all, Steam Punk is supposed to be fun not expensive – unless you want it to.

What you will need

There are a couple of basic things that you will need to pull out the steampunk look. Each of these is just a basic and perfect when you’re starting out and don’t want to look out of place. As you get more adept with the new fashion and your taste grows, you should be able to grow out of the basics and be unique with your costume. Until then, here are some of the things you will need for your look.

Color scheme

There are many colors that are acceptable. However, pairing them the right way for the right look can be tough. The primary ones to use are the browns, gold, copper and some bit of black. Not too much. If you can’t find anything that entices you in this range, be sure to stick to the dark rich tones. But with the ones mentioned, you will hardly go wrong. Once you have established the color scheme that you want to go with, everything else will be relatively easy.


You steampunk look is never complete without a pair of steampunk goggles. All you have to do is find a creative pair and paint them to look like old brass. You can throw in a couple of gears and lenses. These make a third of your steampunk look. So you should take your time on this.


For women, corsets and waist cinchers are a must. For the men, it depends on the character that you’re trying to adopt and the look you have in mind.

Victorian Vest

This is also called a waistcoat. It is a must-have for the more dapper man, and they also tend to look lovely on a lady as well. Just make sure you pair it the right way.


Hats are a profound part of the steampunk fashion work. Bowlers, tiny hearts that have feathers, top hats, hats that have mesh flowing down on your face- the crazier the hat the better. It is one of the areas where you can get creative when it comes to this type of fashion.

Your waist down

So what do you wear from your waist down? You can have old fashioned skirts that have bustles and frills are perfect for the ladies. You can also have tight pants within the recommended colors, old-fashioned trousers, and overalls are all great outfits to wear on your lower half.


Your look is never complete without accessories. In this case, you have to go old fashioned again. Think about suspenders instead of a belt, you can also think futuristic. Having a test tube sticking out of your pocket might look crazy, but then that is what steampunk is all about.

The best way to avoid your fashion woes and have a great costume is first to create a character that you will be representing. Just like Halloween. You can decide to be a mad scientist, an inventor, engineer or even a doctor. All that is left is to then model your costume to look like your character did back in the day. If you can throw in some creativity, even better!


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